Learning on this programme forms the foundation and core of bicycle maintenance.


Course Content

Learning areas cover knowledge and skills related to workshop practices and legislation, frame preparation, groupset servicing and repair, and basic wheel building.


Junior Technician Programme

Senior Technician Programme

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Online Course

Cytech theory one

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  • Occupational Certificate: Bicycle Repairer, NQF Level 3, and/or

  • Cytech technical one

  • Cytech technical two



Online Component

  • Cytech technical one theory (online) - 60 days to complete


Knowledge and Practical Component*

  • Cytech technical one practical - 2 days 

  • Cytech technical two - 8 days

Work Experience Component** - 27 days

Admission requirement

  • Cytech technical one theory online

  • NQF Level 2 with Communication

  • Older than 16 years (no maximum age)

  • Good command of English

  • Ability to measure in millimeters

  • Basic mechanical aptitude

Tuition Fees

  • Cytech technical one theory (online) - R2,200

  • Cytech technical one practical - R3,900

  • Cytech technical two - R16,900

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*Compulsory, class based

**Compulsory for learners completing the Occupational Certificate: Bicycle Repairer, NQF Level 3