Course Schedule & Bookings

Booking process:


1.  Choose the course you want to attend & click on Book to see when the course is scheduled.

2.  Select the course date you want to attend & click on Book                      

3.  Select the number of bookings you want to make & click on Book            

4.  Fill in your details & click on Next                                                                    

5.  Confirm course, date and number of bookings & click on Next

6.  If you are wanting to book another course click on Add Another Item and repeat steps 1 to 3

6.  When you have made all the bookings you wish click Checkout

7.  You will receive an automated email confirming your booking, and shortly thereafter another email with a quote         and payment details




- Payments are required to be made 48 hours after receiving the quote.

- We strongly advise that you do not make any travel or accommodation bookings or payments until you've

  received confirmation that the course/s is continuing.