Colin on Cytech technical one, two and three (Jan '21)

"Very focused program dealing appropriately with the crucial aspects of bicycle repair and maintenance. All theoretical aspects were followed up with ample practical exercises ensure all learning was reinforced."

"Not being an active cyclist the course was a major revelation for me. The course opened the gates to profound learning."

Christo on Cytech home mechanic plus (Mar '21)

" The Home Mechanic Plus course exceeded my expectations. Our course instructor was outstanding. I will certainly advise my cycling friends to attend!"

Gary on Cytech technical one, two and three (Mar '21)

" The Cytech course at Torq Zone Academy has provided me with the knowledge and skills to take my business to a higher level of service with confidence. I highly recommend this course for any technician looking to improve their knowledge and skills"

" [the trainer is] truly passionate about bicycles and training cycle technicians, very knowledgeable and able to pass that knowledge onto the students effectively"